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Fabric Laminating, Membranes, and RF Sealing

Hub Fabric offers expertise
in fabric laminating. We provide custom laminations for footwear, packaging, handbags, belts and small leather goods.

• Wet Adhesive
• Dry Adhesive
• Flame Lamination
• Breathable
• Fabric
• Film
• Metal/ Mylar

Types of Laminatings

• Maintains breathability
• Manufacturer can produce faster
• Via: Hot Melt, Wet and Foam Adhesives

• Hot Melt (no liquid involved)

• Water Base

Flame Lamination

• Foam Material

Photos at right:
A. K-TOO nylon lining to absorbent foam (2-ply)
B. Footwear lining package application with 1000 denier
Cordura® to foam to tan Coolmax®, 3-ply
C. Fabric to membrane, 2-ply


Durotech® Membranes
Hub Fabric offers membrane materials. Durotech® Membrane Barrier is designed to keep the user dry from both outside weather and inside perspiration.

Waterproof & breathable for
 • Footwear
 • Gloves
• Garmets
• Tents

RF Sealing & Finishing
Hub Fabric provides both contract Radio Frequency (RF) sealing of customer supplied materials as well as manufactured items to suit customer applications. We develop RF dies for both two (2-D) and three dimensional (3-D) needs. Finished items find uses in glove and footwear inserts as well as medical applications.

Perfect for
• Glove & Footwear Inserts
• Medical Applications
• 2-D and 3-D Profiles


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