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Coated Fabrics & Substrates
Coated Fabrics from Hub Fabric Leather
Hub Fabric supplies coated fabric: wovens, non-Wovens, papers, and knits. We also provide consulting to help source the materials & coatings for your product.
• Urethane
• Acrylic
• Latex
• Synthetic Leather
• Heat Activated
• Pressure Sensitive
• Breathable
• Waterproof
• Flame Retardant
Coated Fabrics from Hub Fabric Leather
Coated Fabric Substrates
Stitched unit using PVC & finished products made using PU-coated metal boxes.
Synthetic Leather
Coated & Coagulated Polyurethanes (PU)
• Polyurethane Base
• Softer than PVC coated fabric
• Used for display cases and decorative packaging

Coagulated polyurethane (PU): The coating surrounds the textile substrate. A polyurethane skin layer is typically applied for decorative purposes. It is typically softer than coated polyurethane.

Coated polyurethane (PU): The coating is applied to the top surface of the substrate. The substrate is visible from the back. It is typically firmer but stronger than coagulated polyurethane.

Artificial Leather
• PVC Vinyl Films
• Expanded PVC
• Supported & Unsupported


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