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Coating Services & Flocking

Hub Fabric has been providing coating services since 1928. Let us put our expertise to work for you…we will explain the different types of coatings and applications available for your product.

• Urethane (water based)
• Pressure Sensitive (peel & stick)
• Heat Activated (heat seal)

Specialty Coatings
• Non-Fray (no edge fray)
• UV Protective (fade & abrasion resistance)
• Flame Retardant
• Antimicrobial

Types of Coatings

Solvent or Heat Seal
• Typically lower application temperatures
• Sticks to textiles, metal and leather
• Lower Cost
• Available as a Breathable Coating – Quick Drying & Application Times

Hot Melt
• Will not Soften until Melting Point (non-blocking)
• Available as a Breathable Coating – Quick drying & application times
• For Textile, Leather, and Metal
• Typically used in automotive, industrial, and medical fields

Hub Fabric has been providing flocking services for over 40 years. We provide custom flocking for jewelry and decorative packaging, upholstery, and polishing pads.

Imitation Suedes & Velvets in
• Precision cut
• Random cut
• Micro-fiber
• Washables
• Waterproof

Flocking Materials
Available in precision
& random cut lengths

• Acrylic
• Rayon (optical polishing)
• Cotton (polishing)
• Nylon (upholstery)
• Polyester
 (upholstery & automotive)

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